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Better if it showed microVolts I like this. I sit in front of 5 computers, 6 monitors and a UPS. I decided to buy an EMF detector but didn't want to spend much money to find the source of an unknown problem until I was clear that there was something worth testing. First I bought a highly rated but inexpensive EMF detector. That showed no EM emissions so it was useless.

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I put my phone in front of a large laser printer and turned the printer on-and-off. The app went from near 0 to high then back again.

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I would guess the app can't be too accurate but it's good enough at showing me emissions that I can compare. Now a lefty He has to wear a high tech meter which is much like a voltmeter.

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But as for what it claims it does, it does not. Your phone can not detect EMF. A brand new magnet, out the package not near or having ever touched an electrical device emitted very high.

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A second magnet, same. My clock: nothing. My Fitbit: nothing.

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My stove: Nothing! A fridge magnet, omg dangerous.

Plus, we'll test your knowledge about some recent science in the news. Web sites related to this episode include www.

A flat quarter sized magnet for my clipboard: dangerously high. And only when I touch it to the phone.

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If you want a real monitor if you are truly concerned about EMF and your health, please do yourself a favor and put your money towards a real meter. Otherwise understand that this app and apps like this are a novelty item, a toy.

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GoldenAnser Hell at the Apartment complex With Tomato plants spelled with an M, you know what I am talkin about, ohhh It works and is well worth the three bucks.

Your right, its not an official test guage but is giving me proper signals About a week ago, I felt a wave of energy on my hand while laying on my air can't sleep itchy all over next to the wall.

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I would move my hand over the wall and feel the hot juice energy-not referring to temp coming off the wall. When I received the app, it indicated the lines my upstairs neighbor was stuffing in the walls was putting out this energy.

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My chest face arms facing the wall where red and orange in color when i woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my right eye in the mirror and noticed a red vein in the white area expanding and contracting from the aggravation of the energy pulsations.

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The recordings automatically save to the phone and then I took a pic and saved to phone. These levels are ridiculously high. I am concerned! I have felt funny in this room and now know why I dont sleep well.